Graphic Design & Logo Design

Your visual image is first and foremost in the business world. It's important to make a memorable first impression. Murphy Boyz Printing and Marketing, LLC has extensive experience in marketing collateral and advertising, logo and identity development, newsletters and publications, promotions, and web design. Successful creative services like ours are noticeably distinct in personality and processes, not to mention the caliber of product and client service. We believe that what makes Murphy Boyz unique is what makes us successful. We care about your success! Let's get creative! Place your printed marketing package in Murphy Boyz' capable hands and let us help you make your mark in the business world!

Custom Graphic Design

Your brand is our primary concern. Our team will identify your target customer in order to create a corporate identity that will attract your perfect customer. You'll be able to work side-by-side with our talented design team in person or via email to develop the perfect representation of your brand. We don't stop creating ideas until we've arrived at a new logo and style that exceeds your expectations. With diverse and competitive business landscape in CT, it is important that your company differentiates itself.

A beautiful logo crafted by Murphy Boyz Printing and Marketing instantly conveys your firm’s capabilities. Your logo will serve as the cornerstone of your brand and identity, living on your website, marketing materials and social media accounts to create a seamless brand experience no matter the medium. Our team has over a decade of experience creating beautiful iconic logos and powerful brands that give your company the edge.

Murphy Boyz Printing and Marketing consistently produces stunning graphic designs in a very short amount of time for our clients. We have the graphic design know-how that you need; our printed and online graphic design work is a product of over 10 years real world experience in design, in pre-press, and in production. We specialize at creating beautifully designed marketing collateral including ad campaigns, brochures, business cards, publications, products, packaging, and much more.

Our keen eye for simplistic yet highly effective graphic and web design solutions will enable your products and services to stand out from the competition with industry-leading design. Murphy Boyz Printing and Marketing delivers innovative, strategically effective print and graphic solutions at very competitive prices. Murphy Boyz Printing and Marketing creates design solutions that provide your business with a foundation for success.

Get the most out of your graphic design and your logo!

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