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At Murphy Boyz, we help our clients send out thousands of pieces of effective and professional direct mail. We help you target high caliber customers with a consistent message and customized offers which bring new customers to your business. Call US For Live Customer Service at  860-836-0829 or email


Direct Mail & Online Marketing

Successful direct marketing implementation takes a two-part approach to database management. First, it hinges on developing customized, high-quality lists, and second, on collecting information during the campaign to adjust the strategy, building upon ongoing research. These capabilities ultimately enable more creative and leveraged uses of data. For instance, Murphy Boyz Printing and Marketing can fine-tune and optimize direct mail programs with our variety of variable data printers. Each system offers advanced data manipulation capabilities, including variable images, text, and data. The bottom line is marketers now can precisely target specific customers with a specific message.

Murphy Boyz Printing and Marketing offers the most advanced and effective integration of direct mail, online, and social marketing programs available. We achieve the best marketing results by combining these mediums because we understand the full potential of each one. Another key to success is having the tools, technologies, and expertise needed to create, control, and execute campaigns.

We apply a unique customer-development model to every direct marketing campaign. This unique model consistently increases response rates by creating a more integrated and personal customer experience with richer content delivery. At the same time, this process is more cost effective, since it lowers printing and postage costs, increases program marketing life, and improves results tracking. Get the most out of yourdirect mail marketing. Receive a free quote today and see how years of experience can help.

Get the most out of your direct mail marketing!

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